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585 Fitzgerald Avenue | San Martin, CA 95046 | T: 408-842-9755 | F: 408-842-3124

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LJB Farms Mini Documentary

In the era of gigantic superstores where scanners and self check-out systems have become the norm and the customer has become nothing more than a number on a profit and loss statement, LJB Farms has remained virtually untouched from the day that Luigi Bonino first set foot on the fertile San Martin soil nearly a century ago.

Nothing at LJB Farms is force-ripened or frozen. Nothing at LJB Farms gets stored in some air-tight warehouse freezer room in order to slow or stop the ripening process for future profits.

At LJB farms, it’s all about harvesting when Mother Nature says so, which is why the fruits and vegetables that come out of the old barn on Fitzgerald Avenue in San Martin are as memorable as grandma’s hot apple pie and as fresh as a home-grown garden.
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